About Us


Lynne Ballet School was established in 2000.

Lynne was trained in the Cecchetti style of ballet - a method founded by Enrico Cecchetti, one of the greatest teachers in ballet history.  Cecchetti style is noted for the expressive use of arms and upper body, and speedy footwork.

Lynne is qualified and experienced in both Cecchetti and Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) methods.

Lynne has a passion for ballet.  She feels that ballet is not only a valued art form but an ongoing series of life lessons from which she hopes the students in her school will benefit:


Educational:  Students are required to remember combinations of steps and rhythms which enhances sensory and cognitive awareness, helping their attention, concentration and memory in academic work.

Physical: Ballet has a greater range of motion, co-ordination, endurance and strength than most other physical  activities. Ballet improves posture, flexibility, co-ordination, strength and grace.

Emotional: Ballet teaches discipline and confidence which helps emotional maturity.  Ballet gives a sense of pride and accomplishment in being able to perform new steps, thereby boosting self esteem.

Social: Young children in the ballet class develop social skills and improve interactive ability which helps overcome shyness and build self-confidence.


Lynne teaches all classes in the school which is rare in Hong Kong.  Not only does this ensure the quality of the teaching, but that students’ individual needs are known and supported.  Lynne knows and nurtures all her students.

Lynne Ballet School has a consistently high record of annual RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) Examination results with all students gaining Merit and Distinction.

Lynne Ballet School presents an Annual Show in which all students are encouraged to participate.